Love SEO & Digital Marketing? Write Or Guest Post for!

Are you a writer with a love of SEO?

Do you have a burning desire to write guides and information for other digital marketers, SEOs and bloggers? I'd love to hear from you!

Guest Posts

I'm accepting a limited number of guest posts for the SEOScout blog. If you plan to write on any of the following topics:

  • SEO (for eg keyword research, technical seo, site audits, content writing)
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging (ideally from a business / marketing point of view)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • or any other digital marketing topic

Then I'd love to hear your story idea - please get in touch before writing something. And yes, of course you can have a link - provided of course your content is relevant and of a high quality.

Rules for consideration

I'm getting slammed with irrelevant requests so I need to be strict. If you do not comply with the conditions below I'll simply delete your request. Sorry, but I need some sanity in my inbox:
  1. You must include topic suggestions in your email. Don't ask if you're allowed to send them, just send them
  2. Topics must be directly relevant to SEO. No loose 'business' articles please.
  3. All contributors must be real people. I've spent enough time with Scrapebox to sniff a fake profile a mile off.
  4. Please include links to previously published work if you can
  5. If you are an independent SEO or freelancer I still welcome your contributions. Provided you can show your knowledge in your submitted work you don't need to be a famous Search Engine Land contributor.

Paid writer on SEO

Alternatively, if you're a writer with good experience of modern SEO techniques and you think you're a good fit for the site I'd love to hear from you. As a bootstrapped solo founder I don't have unlimited budget but I do plan to keep investing in content month after month for the forseeable future.