Free Keyword Grouping + Clustering Tool


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Generate keyword groups to simplify your SEO

When doing keyword research it's easy to find yourself with endless lists of keywords to implement. With tons of overlapping long tail keywords, how can you make sense of them all?

By using our free keyword grouping tool you can quickly cluster related keywords into tight groups based on n-gram word similarities.

Build topic clusters around your primary keywords

Google loves to see tight clusters of related content grouped around a core 'pillar' page. By writing long tail supporting articles realted to your 'head' keyword you can increase your relevance for all phrases around the query.

To get started with planning your supplementary content, you can use a keyword grouping tool like ours to quickly see patterns in huge lists of keywords. While grouping based on similar words alone won't tell you the whole picture, it serves as a great base to see what common topics and subtopics deserve their own page - or perhaps just a section on your main article.