Is Your Content Working? - An Analytical Guide

Is your content working?

How do you know if your content strategy delivers results for your business in terms of a positive return on investment (ROI)?

It is crucial to evaluate the fruits of your labour by scrutinizing your content marketing activities' outcomes to ensure that your investment in

content marketing is not going to waste.

4 Best SEO Reporting Tools in 2021

So, you finally woke up and decided to arm yourself with the industry-leading SEO reporting tools. Congratulations, you took the first step in getting on par with your competitors. We’re confident that you’ll soar past all of them with zeal.

Listen, we get it. There are just so many SEO reporting tools these days. And most of them require a hefty investment. You just want to make sure that investment is worth it.

How to Track Your Key SEO Data on Autopilot

Are you trying to track SEO data to improve your rankings, but getting tired of manually updating spreadsheets?

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your SEO efforts is crucial when you’re trying to drive more organic traffic. Because, as you know, the world of SEO is full of ever-moving parts that require your constant attention.

By the time you’ve updated an SEO spreadsheet with key data from your current rankings, it’s nearly time to check all your metrics again.

How to Write a Blog Post Outline

Every building has a blueprint, and they never fall. Everybody has a skeleton, and we’re holding up great. Similarly, the most engaging, well-written, and share-worthy blog posts are built from a strong backbone: a well-researched blog post outline.

First of all, you’re here. Congratulations. You’re already ahead of a gazillion cocky writers who think that they don’t need an outline template for their article. With a strong outline coupled with SEO Scout’s powerful site analytics, keyword optimization & testing tools, your blog post will remain steadfast like a standing building as a top Google result in your genre for years to come.

From blogging for fun to becoming a long-form content marketing wizard, you will learn how to write the perfect blog post outline to set yourself up for success. At the same time, we have some blogging templates to get you going. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Improve Upon These Vital SEO KPIs

So, you spent hours building up your business. Your website looks great, your content strategy is flawless, and your buyer persona is fine-tuned to the core. Everything is ready. Now, you just need more eyes on it. You need growth.

But, how will you get more organic traffic, more leads, more conversions, and greater revenue? You’ll need to focus your attention on your SEO performance and set quantifiable goals to measure in your performance report. The drivers behind your SEO marketing strategy will be key performance indicators (KPIs) that will provide actionable insights, so you know where to focus your resources.

How a Content Brief Template Can Level-up Your SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Believe it or not, a content brief template has a gazillion uses!

OK, so I’ve exaggerated a bit, but it’s so flexible that I’m convinced that you can apply it to ANY content marketing strategy.

Not convinced?

Hear me out..

What is a content brief template, anyway?

A content brief template is a structured and detailed document to ensure the writer nails the final content based on your needs and strategy. The more you include in the content brief template, the more likely the writer is to NOT wander from the target.

The 13 Best SEO Tools for Content Optimization & Analysis

No matter how strong the content writers and editors are on your marketing team, site content analysis tools are a must-have. Content analysis and optimization tools help assess your topics and keywords and the actual content of your piece. These tools can help you identify if you are missing any essential subtopics that can help add authority and legitimacy to your writing. A content analysis tool will also help you understand if your content matches the intent of your keywords when readers are conducting online searches.

12 Best Content Brief Generators & Planning Tools for Content Marketers

The most important part of a successful content rollout is creating a detailed plan to produce and publish the content. Websites that rely on a constant stream of updated content need a detailed, iron-clad content strategy consistent with your company's goals.

Content marketers also need to ensure that the content created is in line with company branding and messaging; there are no duplicate topics, and that all content can compete against other industry leaders. This may seem like a lot, but there are fantastic content planning tools content marketers can use to make planning and strategizing easy and streamlined.

How to Refresh Your Content in 2021 & Beat Content Decay

The older your content gets and the less attention you pay it, the more likely it’ll start to lose traffic and fall in search rankings. Before you know it, you have piles of old articles collecting dust on your website, providing no value to you or your audience.

What do you do now? Do you forget about that content and move on, or do salvage some articles and revitalize them with updated information?

Whether you’re a small business just getting started on your blog or a large business with pages of old content, there’s one strategy you need to work into your content marketing roadmap in 2021. That strategy is content refreshing.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to refresh your content in this guide.

3 Tried & Tested Link Building Techniques That Actually Work in 2020

Link building isn’t complicated:

But you need the right strategy if you want results.

The truth is, you can land high quality backlinks at scale (for free) to your website.

And in this article, I’ll teach you exactly how I build thousands of backlinks - and how you can too.

By the end of this article you’ll learn 3 tried and tested link building techniques that actually work in 2020.

How to improve your search rankings with a simple 5-minute writing job

SEO requires a lot of work. Much of it is technical, whilst the rest usually takes an age to complete. Any tactics often take a while to generate any results and, even then, it’s hard to correlate what has worked and why. With this in mind, it’s nice to hear that there’s one SEO job that’s quick, simple, laser-focused and extremely effective.

Many people forget that making it to page one is only part of the job. You see, whenever a search is made, a list of results is shown and the searcher still has to decide which page to click on.

Why Being Digitally Discoverable is More Vital Than Ever

Online activity is more active than ever.

According to SocialMediaToday, the number of minutes spent by readers on news sites has increased by 46% since last year, and the daily time spent on apps increased 20% year-over-year.

According to MarketWatch, Facebook is also seeing record usage highs, specifically in those countries hit hardest by COVID-19.

Regardless of the platform, digital marketing is evolving. Companies have adjusted to working from home, as well as the financial burden that is removed by no longer needing an office space for their employees.

Double Your Online Sales: 9 Effective E-commerce SEO Tips for Beginners

If you want your business to thrive, it only makes sense that your next step is to bring your business online. However, it is more than just having an e-commerce website.

Whether it is an online store or just a business website, there are things that you need to do in order to establish your online presence. This includes ranking for relevant keywords, acquiring quality backlinks, engaging with your customers via social media, and streamlining your e-commerce fulfillment process.

Thus, you need to know what e-commerce SEO is.

12 SEO Tips For Blog Posts: How To Optimize Your Article For Organic Traffic

With the constant call to produce more and more content, business owners often find themselves turning to blogging as a way to create more, and connect with their audience. With this comes the need to make sure that this blog content is well optimized and written to rank well in the search engines. We're here to try and help you get ahead of the game when optimizing your content by providing you with some of the best SEO tips for your blog.

Long Tail Keywords: How to find, target and rank for low competition terms in SEO

Finding keywords that bring in a ton of converting traffic is a tough job for any content creator. Ranking for high-competition keywords is almost impossible with today's content overload.

Luckily there are ways to go for keywords that are considered “low hanging fruit” that get you traffic with a high conversion rate.

Thisis done through long-tail keywords. If you don’t know what a long tail keyword is, then you are missing out

Google Trends SEO Explained: How To Use Trends For Keyword Research

Google Trends is a search platform that shows the popularity of a search term over a chosen period in a selected region. It provides insights into demographic information along with related topics and queries. Google Trends also allows you to compare multiple search terms to see which ones are performing better than others.

The Best SEO Browser Extensions, Plugins + Tools For Chrome & Firefox

If you're a marketing professional or run your own business, you know how time-consuming SEO can be. Many different factors go into optimizing your website and driving qualified traffic that can be hard to keep up. You need to analyze a variety of metrics, perform keyword research on a regular basis, ensure all of your metadata and on-site content is optimized, and continuously update the technical aspects of your website. This can be a lot to manage at one time.

The Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in 2020

If you are looking for advice on the best keyword research tools are for 2020, you have come to the right place. Whether you are starting a blog or developing content for your business, researching and implementing high-quality keywords is one of the most effective ways to attract consistent and quality traffic to your website. Keyword research plays such a crucial role in ranking well and earning the organic traffic that you need for your site to be successful. We have done the hard work of finding the best free keyword tools, so you don’t have to. We highly recommend you look through these options and see what you like best!

The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2020

The power of WordPress is truly in its plugins. By utilizing the plugins people have made, you can turn your WordPress site into pretty much any type of online business you'd like. You can build an eCommerce empire, a membership site, or create a blog optimized for SEO all through the power of WordPress, and various plugins. No matter what type of site you're building, you're going to need strong SEO. In this guide, we're looking at the best WordPress SEO plugins to help you to make improvements to your content, as well as the technical side of your website.

It is estimated that over a third of all websites currently online are built using the WordPress platform, so you can see why the market for plugins is huge. We've covered SEO plugins based on what functionality they offer, but some plugins will do more than one of the functions explored below, so you might find some overlap between them.

Is Organic Click through Rate A Ranking Factor?

Its been a hot topic in recent months - does Google consider Organic Click Through Rate when deciding where to rank a site?

In short, I feel reasonably sure they look at a page's click through rate in retrospect. A poorly performing page might see its position fall due to a low CTR.. but it is less clear that a high CTR will help lift a page higher in the search results (SERPS)

More to the point: If improving your page's appearance gives you a 20% lift in CTR - and thus traffic - does it even matter if it goes on to improve your rankings or not? The bottom line is that its a great way to get more traffic from your existing search positions.

When there is a simple tactic that can add a significant amount of traffic overnight we shouldn't ignore it. The increase in clicks alone is worthwhile. Any further increase in positions is the a welcome bonus!

Creating your first SEO test

It's simple to get going with SEO Scout. All you need to do is:

  1. Connect your Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) account
  2. Choose the site you wish to run tests on
  3. Add our tiny javascript snippet to your site
  4. Create a test from your dashboard

In this video we walk you through creating two simple 'title and description' tests aimed at optimizing a site's appearance in Google. The first test is aiming to broaden the keyword coverage in the title and description with the main goal of increasing rankings for longer tail terms, while the second test is more focused on raising average click through rates by making the site's snippet on Google appear more attractive.