Free Keyword Mixer Tool: Merge Words To Create New Combinations


Enter your keyword lists and let us mix you some new phrases!


Merge multiple words into longer phrases

Need to whip up a quick keyword list? Whether you want to generate more keyword variations for Google Adwords, check domain names in bulk or simply discover new keyword phrases to improve your SEO, it's easy to combine a range of different keywords into endless permutations.

Mix keywords and match types to build Adwords Keyword Groups

If you want to build a huge list of keywords for bidding on Adwords or other PPC networks such as Bing's Adcenter then take the following steps:

  1. Enter your lists of keywords into each box
  2. Choose the 'match type' you want. This could be Modified Broad Match, Phrase Match or Exact Match
  3. Optionally choose how many combinations you want - eg list a + b + c only, or combinations of a+b and just a too?

Combine keyword lists to find domain names

Hunting for a great two or three word domain name? Simply enter your chosen keywords into one column and add modifiers in another. You could add .net/.com/.org in the third column, or use it for additional keywords then conduct your bulk search at Godaddy where you can use checkboxes to choose your domain extension. Finally change the 'Join keyword as...' box to read 'domainname' and your lists will be combined with no spaces.